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Genre Indie
Land Nederland
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Download 't fietsje van Smiling Horse

Download 't fietsje van Smiling Horse

Release jaar: (1997)
Luister naar en download Smiling Horse - 't fietje 01 - Smiling Horse - 't fietje € 0,39 (03:46)

Biografie van Smiling Horse

Dodewaard November 2010

Biografie: Hans Vleugel {Smiling Horse}

New Album Prisoner


Hans Vleugel raised as the eighth child in a very large musical Dutch family.
Get his first guitar on his eleventh birthday from his oldest sister who was a singer in a band.
His oldest brother teaches him how to play and Hans starts to write his own songs at the age of twelve. By this time they had a family band and played on a lot of official occasions, like weddings and birthday parties. Very soon Hans was addicted and grown deformed with his guitar.
People liked and ask him (them) to play their music everywhere.
Hans has a very nice pleasant voice and he like to sing his songs by himself.
The album before was sing by Raquel Roberts My favorite secret album
Here on this new album named Prisoner he sing again by himself
Hans is a songwriter singer/performer and leader of the band Smiling horse.
Just listen to this new album

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